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The Likeonomics “No Email Required” Excerpt


The “No Email Required” Excerpt

So you’re not quite ready to share your email address and join my list? No problem, I appreciate the chance to earn it! ;-)

You can use the link at left to download the a short excerpt from Likeonomics. This is a half the length of the usual excerpt I am offering online to members of my email list, but it’s totally free and with no email required! In case you do like it, and are willing to “trade” your email address for the download of the full 40 page excerpt – here’s what I can promise you:

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So I hope you enjoy this first look at the book, and if you’d like to see the backstory of how I wrote it and go behind the scenes, you can also check out this presentation: The Making of Likeonomics >>

- Rohit