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The Likeonomics Curators Network

All About The Likeonomics Curator’s Network

A Quick Introduction
Likeonomics is a new book about why some people and companies are more likeable and believable than others. Part III of the book is called the StoryBook and features stories of entrepreneurs and people who have used the principles from the book to build their own success. Do you have a success story that you would like to write about? I want to feature it (and you)!

Who Can Be A Contributor?
Anyone! You just need to have a passion for storytelling, a talent for great writing the desire to get more visibility for your storytelling skills! The ideal contributor is someone who does some writing professionally (or wants to) and is looking for more outlets to build their personal brand and portfolio of work.

What’s In It For You?
You will get FULL ATTRIBUTION for your story online through a byline and your bio – and these stories will be used as EXCLUSIVE content for event attendees and subscribers of large sites. So, for example, when I go to deliver a keynote presentation to an audience of 500 influencers – I can offer them your story as bonus content. Combined with my featuring your story through all my social media channels and media interviews I’m doing around Likeonomics – the short story is … you’ll get LOTS of visiblity.

What Are You Looking For In A Story?
In terms of the length and format, you can read some of the existing stories in the StoryBook published in the book, as well as online at www.likeonomics.com/storybook. As for the topics, the best stories are ones where you can feature a PERSON at the heart of the story, and link it back to the core idea behind Likeonomics … that personal relationships and likeability make a big difference in achieving success. The only guideline other than that is that your story can’t focus on yourself or your own business. I think you’ll agree that self promotion is really tough to do in an authentic way … and no matter how great your personal story, it usually doesn’t work as well if you have to write it yourself.

How Do I Get Involved?
Simple. Send me an email at likeonomics@gmail.com and just title it “Curator’s Network Pitch” … tell me a little about yourself and your idea for a topic – and I’ll get back in touch with you about some guidelines for writing and we can talk about how I can feature you and your story in the best way to make the entire process really useful and valuable for you!