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3 Reasons NOT To Buy Likeonomics

1. Your BIGGEST priority is developing your [insert social media platform here] strategy. Likeonomics isn’t about tools, it is about something much more fundamental in how we behave and why we make the choices we do. If you’re looking for a guidebook on how to get your business on Twitter, there are other great books that will help you with that.

2. You LOVED the books that you had to read in school. Textbooks usually use uninteresting writing, lots of bullet points and short little recap questions at the end of every section. Likeonomics is the opposite of that. It is filled with stories and actionable conclusions instead of outdated theories and standardized questions.

3. You ONLY care about your industry, or your region. Likeonomics is filled with ideas and stories of people and organizations from many different parts of the world (yes, outside of America!). It also moves across many industries, from music to archaeology to global finance to tourism. If you want something very industry-specific, this book probably isn’t right for you.

Of course, the last thing any author wants to do is tell you just about all the reasons why you might not want to buy his book. I need to complete the picture and tell you who the book is really for too! So here is the flip side of the argument and why you might actually want to pick up a copy of Likeonomics …

3 Reasons You SHOULD Buy Likeonomics

1. Build trust to succeed. The core idea of Likeonomics is that you need to be likeable in order to build real trust. And likeability is not the same thing as being nice. Your ability to grow your business, get the job you dream of, win an election or just have better personal relationships with the people around you has everything to do with your ability to build trust. Likeonomics breaks down the reality of how and why we trust – and how anyone can use those principles for themselves or their business.

2. Learn from stories, not theories. There is plenty of hard data and research in Likeonomics to try and PROVE the idea that likeability truly matters. Yet throughout the book you will find story after story that I use to make the case and illustrate each point that I make. Instead of banging you over the head with charts or graphs, I try to take extensive data and research and weave it together with stories like what the most creative lunch in history can teach you about timing, and the real secret to Oprah’s success (truth!).

3. The proven framework for likeability can change your life. We often see something such as likeability as an intangible thing. Can you really learn to be more likeable, you might wonder? The answer is yes. The book presents five principles that anyone can use (TRUST – Truth, Relevance, Unselfishness, Simplicity, Timing) to actually build likeability and translate that into trust. I love stories as much as anyone, but only when you combine them with a real proven method can the big idea of a book really make an impact on your life.